quick test for the tesla car Model X

Most of us may think that the Tesla electric cars, it's like the rest of
 the electric cars impractical due to long charging time And also for the high prices. But this does not mean to admit that Tesla company revolutionized the world of electric cars. And forced other companies to give electric cars more attention and then seriously
invest in them

The company has established itself in the automotive market, especially in the US market. The demand is so great that there is a waiting list for months to get one of the cars

The company exists in an area known for companies that invest in technology which is called Silicon Valley. So Tesla car is not just electric cars. It is a very smart cars with latest technology in the computer world
The car that we have test is X model and this model SUV can accommodate up to seven passengers, and that is the latest of what was delivered to the market few months ago

The first thing that draws your attention is the modern design. Tastes vary from person to person. For me I find it a fantastic car beautiful design attracts you at first sight
It will surely draw your attention to the car doors (falcon-wing), which opens up like McLaren cars. I have not figured out myself the length of time it takes to open and close the doors, but I read in the report that almost 6 seconds
One of the models salutes you by open the driver's door when you arrive at the car and then closes automatically when you press the brake . I think this thing is very comfortable especially when we want to get in your car when you holding things in your hands

The other thing is the large front glass that makes a very big field of vision. It probably looked like that found in helicopters which allows the field of vision so lovely actually
Front cabin is amazing . There are regular steering wheel. But everything else is different. You're in the car of the future

There is a large screen, a computer already. Can control everything in the car and also by the CBS backhaul and Internet browser
The seats are very comfortable. I did not try Tesla car before but there is a report saying that the car seats, more than any other Tesla car 

SUV electric car can accommodate up to 7 people. But up to 60 miles (96.5 km) in just 3.2 seconds over the time. When we tried the launching was a terrible feeling I can not describe. Like you're inside a Ferrari
According to a reports, after two attempts to deliver the speed to 120 miles per hour at full speed, the batteries began to heat up. And it cooling fans began to work. And also it took the vehicle 172 feet (25 meters) at speed of 70 mph to stop

When  you inside the car naturally you don't feel any noise. so there is no engine noise. Cooling was very active
Beautiful things in the car is an automated driver. I have not had the opportunity to try it as I want, but I let him driving the car for a period until we stopped
The autostop system is another nice thing
Car engines at the bottom of the car. So there is no engine in the front just like any other car. And the space that was occupied by the engine turned to load purposes

Tesla charging system is the best in electric vehicles. The system uses the ability of charger 10 kilowatts, while other companies use 6.6 kilowatt charger.
We know that one of the biggest flaws in electric vehicles is how long time it takes for charging. Tesla provide a way so that it can charge the car in an hour and that is enough to drive 60 miles.

Tesla also offer free charging on highways for her cars. These chargers capable of charging the car for a distance of 170 miles in just half an hour, according to the company, those chargers are available in the areas where there are 98% of the population in America
Strangely enough, the car has no reserve wheel. The company justified by saying the wheel caused heavier car plus a negative impact on the extent distance
. Solution? They say call them and they will come to help you

:car specifications

Height: 5 meters
Width: 2.2 m
Capacity: 7 passengers
Engine: two electric motors. Front engine with 259 horsepower and rear engine with 503 horsepower
Total power: 328 to 532 horsepower
Batteries: 60 or 75 or 90 kilowatts per hour depending on the model and computer control

Speed: 130 miles (210 km) per hour to 150 miles (250 kilometers) per hour depending on the model
Range: 200 miles (320 kilometers) to 150 miles (400 kilometers) per hour depending on the model
charging: 240 volts
Number of batteries: I have not found an official number. But I asked the companions and told me that over 8,000 battery
I did not expect such a large number. After searching I checked it out and found that there are opponents and supporters of this great figure. Other firms use less than 200 batter
The annual cost of energy (compared to the annual cost for regular cars 650-700 US dollars
Warranty: 4 years or 50 thousand miles for a car and 8 years of the batteries
Price of the car starts at $ 64,500 to $ 132,000

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